Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh goodness...

Things have been so crazy lately, but I am definitely looking forward to a much-needed break from school and trying to get things in order. Here's some things that have been happening in no particular order:
  • I took my last exam last Friday. I didn't do as well as I wanted to, but I still did okay. More than anything, I am just glad school is over.
  • I am still working with Andrew, a 4-year old with Autism. I absolutely love every minute I spend with him. He is the cutest little boy and I learn as much from him as he does from me. I was also so blessed to have his family invite me for Thanksgiving and had a great meal with them.


  • When I was in high school, I babysat for a family with three girls. I got very close to them and always try to stop and visit them and everytime I'm home. I stopped by on Monday, and Cyndi, the girls' mom, wrapped all my Christmas presents for me. I am so thankful. One day I will learn how...
  • I basically picked all of my Christmas presents this year and made everyone tell me what they want. I figure if we're both spending the money, we might as well get what we want, right?
  • Part of my gift from Mama is a new cell phone which I ordered last night and will get to pick up next time I'm in Greenville... Christmas Eve.
  • At church a few weeks back, I was challenged to take off my shoes and give them to someone who needed them more. I donated my shoes, along with 750 other people, and helped someone in my city be a little more comfortable and warmer this winter. I also bought a pair of Toms. I had never heard of these before, but it turns out they give a pair of shoes to a child who needs one for everyone you buy. So my friend Lauren and I got some awesome red ones:


  • Lena, the sweet lady who does my nails, gave me a free pedicure for Christmas. If you live in Columbia, you should definitely go see her at Capital Nails and Spa .
  • I almost finished with my Christmas shopping... still have to get Mama some laundry detergent (what she wanted), pay for Daddy's gift that I ordered today, and get my Grandma a giftcard to Bojangles since she eats there almost every morning. She's too cute.
  • As much as I love Christmas and am looking forward to this break from school, I am so ready for the Holidays to be over at Old Navy. We open everyday at 8 and don't close until 11. What a joke. Which means I either have to get there at 7ish or stay until midnight and neither of those fit into my sleeping schedule too well.
  • I am so thankful that God has taken care of me in these stressful times and really answered so many of my prayers. He will never stop amazing me.

That's about it for now... just hoping to accomplish my list for tomorrow:

- meet with my advisor about taking a self-paced class to go ahead and knock out another class i need before i graduate

- going to work with andrew for a little while

- have to hit up walmart for some christmas cards, ham, and diet coke

- have to send off my time card for work

- maybe going to mac to look at the chill collection

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Random Stuff

10 Years Ago:
1. I was in 5th grade.
2. I was 10 years old.
3. I went to Washington D.C.
4. While I was there, my little sister was born.
5. My world revolved around AIM and *NSYNC

5 Things on Today's To-Do List (since the day is already over, I'll put my list for tomorrow):
1. Wash some clothes.
2. Do therapy with Andrew.
3. Read some in my book for African American Lit.
4. Study some Geography.
5. Maybe go see a movie with a friend.

5 Things I Would do If I Was a Millionare:
1. Pay off the debt of my close family and friends.
2. Buy a house and a car.
3. Put money aside for Kaitlin's college.
4. Go on a shopping spree.
5. Give the rest to my church.

5 Places I Have Lived:
1. Florence, SC
2. Charleston, SC
3. Greenville, SC
4. Columbia, SC
.... that's it.

5 Jobs I Have Had:
1. Babysitter
2. Cashier
3. Secretary
4. Waitress
5. Telemarketer

Friday, October 3, 2008

Emanuel Ungaro Inspired Look

Right before I was about to start my makeup today, my package came from MAC!
I didn't get any of the eyeshadows, but I did buy the 2 lipsticks, the lipglass, and the beauty powder.
Here's what I used for the look:
Ardell Brow Definer Powder in Taupe
Bare Study paint pot
NYX Tropical - lid
Satellite Dreams - crease and above crease
Clue - outer crease
Phloof! - brow bone
Graphblack Technakohl - waterline
Satellite Dreams - lower lash line
Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express mascara
Blooming blush
Flower Mist Dew beauty powder
Pure Rose lipstick
Pastel Emotion lipglass

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yellow FOTD with Purple Liner


After not wearing makeup to work and class yesterday, I felt like I needed to step it up a little bit. I think yellows are a great way to not do a neutral but still keep it simple.

Here's what I used:

Gold Dusk Pigment - lid and crease
Rose Blanc - inner lid
Creme Royale - middle lid
Ricepaper - outer lid
Going Bananas - outer crease
Rose Blanc - above crease
Nylon - brow bone
Ardell Brow Definer Powder in Taupe
Iris Eyes fluidline - upper lash line
Graphblack Technakohl - waterline
Rose Blanc - lower lash line
Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

Pink Swoon blush

Pervette lipstick
Cultured lipglass




Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cutest Thing Ever

Bogey in his new Halloween costume:

New MAC Collections

My life has been so crazy lately, but one thing that has been my go-to when it comes to relaxing is getting ready for all these MAC collections!

Both the Cremesheen and Suite Array collections came out last Thursday at my store. I went in between classes to check them out.

I loved the Cremesheens, but some of the colors were a lot darker than I had seen in pictures. The texture was really nice though. When I swatched them, they went on very smooth and bright.

I narrowed down my choices to: Fanfare, Hot Gossip, Modesty, Ravishing, Speed Dial, and Creme D'Nude.

And ended up with three...

Creme D'Nude, Speed Dial, and Hot Gossip


I really love all these colors, but after trying it on, I realized Hot Gossip (top) is really similar to Sweetie (bottom).


While at MAC, I also picked up two lipglasses to go with my two pink lipsticks: Cultured and Culture Clash. Culture Clash is from the Electroflash collection.


I also checked out the Suite Array collection, but nothing really stood out to me. The eyeshadow suites were all colors I have, and I hated the texture of them. They were very chalky, and although they are buildable, it was just too much glitter for me.

I did, however, get Fly-by-Blu powerpoint eye pencil. I don't really need any more liners, but this one was super pretty.

I also got Warming Trend eyeshadow from the Cool Heat collection when I realized my counter still had it.


The Emanuel Ungaro collection also came out online today. With the exception of Phloof!, none of the eyeshadows really stood out to me, and I already had it. I did, however, order the two lipsticks: Pure Rose and Freckletone. They are both lustres with I love.

I also bought Pastel Emotion lipglass to wear on top of Pure Rose. Since I had never tried a beauty powder before (only beauty powder blushes), I bought Flower Mist Dew beauty powder.

MAC is having free shipping on all US orders over 60 dollars, so check it out!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Old Navy's Best Friend Weekend

Nationwide in stores in U.S. & Canada, Friday through Sunday!

Bring in a Friend, say the password ‘BFF‘ and you’ll both save 20%!

To redeem in store, you and your friend need only say the password ‘BFF’ at time of purchase. No coupon necessary.

To redeem online, enter this promo code at checkout: BFF
Online code limited to one time U.S. purchase only.

To learn more please visit: :

Offer valid on Old Navy merchandise only from September 19, 2008 to September 21, 2008 in the US (including Puerto Rico) at,,,, and Old Navy stores in U.S. & Canada.

My Newest Obsession

I went home this past weekend to celebrate my birthday and was lucky enough to get to bring my sweet puppy with me. On Sunday, I brought him back to my boyfriend's house and accidentally forgot my camera there, so no more looks until he can get it sent back to me.

Anyway, I thought I would share my favorite thing of the moment: Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

As much as I hate the end of summer and the beginning of cold weather, the one thing that gets me excited for Fall is the return of all things pumpkin. I love pumpkin flavored stuff so, so much! So far I've had a pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin spice Hershey kisses, a pumpkin spice frap from Starbucks, and my favorite: the pumpkin spice latte. I will now make it a point to get one of these everytime I'm near a Starbucks from now until the time they are gone.

If you haven't tried one yet, get on it!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh, Mondays....

Mood - Overwhelmed

Foundation and Powder - Today I wore Avon's Mark C-Thru-U Tinted Moisturizer with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

Outfit - Very simple today... black shirt, denim skirt, black flip flops

Eyeliner - MAC's Graphblack Technakohl

Fragrance - Victoria's Secret Love Spell bodyspray

Next Thing On My To-Do List: Do an online quiz for one of my classes.

I'm Thinking About - Everything I have to do tomorrow.

Goals for the Week - Stay on top of all my work for school, not miss anymore classes (I accidentaly slept through one today), do a great job at work, and stay positive.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Looks: Purple and Silver


Here's a quick look I did this morning for work. I'm not sure the lip combo was the best, but I was in a hurry and just kind of grabbed something.

I primed my eyes with UDPP and then applied Vanilla pigment all over my lid and into my crease. On the inner lid, I applied Modern Heir eyeshadow (LE) and then packed Mancatcher eyeshadow (LE) on top. I put Phloof! eyeshadow on my middle lid and Silver Ring eyeshadow on my outer lid. I also blended Silver Ring eyeshadow into my outer crease. I wore Blitz and Glitz fluidline on my upper lash line, Graphblack Technakohl on my waterline, and Mancatcher eyeshadow on my lower lash line. I had on Splashproof mascara in Blacksplash. I used Pink Swoon blush, Intimidate slimshine, and Flusterose lustreglass.





Please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tutorial: Bright Green Eyes


Here's a really fun look you can do:

Start with a clean eye and fill in your brows if you'd like. Then, apply Pharoah paint pot all over your lid and into your crease.


Apply Warm Chill eyeshadow to your inner lid.


Put Juxt on your middle lid and blend it with Warm Chill.


Apply Sprout to your outer lid and above your crease.


Highlight your brow bone with Nylon eyeshadow.


Apply Ricepaper to your tearduct.


Note: At this point, I go ahead and do my face makeup. Apply concealer, foundation, powder, bronzer, and blush. I go ahead and soften my lips with a tinted lip conditioner, but wait to do my full lips until I'm walking out the door.

Put a little Juxt eyeshadow over the Ricepaper and then apply Bio Green eyeshadow to your outer crease.


Line the waterine with Graphblack Technakohl.


Line the inner half of the lower lashline with Juxt eyeshadow.


Line the outer half of the lower lashline with Bio Green eyeshadow.


Add black mascara and you're all finished!



*FYI, I used Pinch O' Peach blush and Gentle Simmer slimshine for this look.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Subtle Smokey Eye


I used UDPP and Bare Study Paint Pot on my lid as a base. I filled in my brows with Ardell Brow Definer Powder in Taupe. I used Ricepaper all over my lid, Honey Lust on the middle and outer lid, and Velvet Lady (LE) on my outer lid and into my crease. Above my crease, I applied Honey Lust and blended it with Nylon into my brow bone. I lined my waterline with Graphblack Technakohl and used Plushlash macara in Plushblack. I had on Nuance (LE) mineralized blush. I wore Hue lipstick with Underage lipglass on top.

Duplicates - Velvet Lady: Black Tied, Nuance: Margin




Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Soft Neutrals


I couldn't decide if I wanted to do just a neutral eye today or a smokey eye, so I decided to do something in the middle. I used UDPP to prime my eyelids and Quick Frost pigment as a base. I filled in my brows with Ardell Brow Definer Powder in Taupe. I wore Phloof! on my inner lid, Rose Blanc (LE) on my middle lid, and Relaxing (discontinued) on my outer lid. I had Satin Taupe on my outer crease and Relaxing above my crease. I highlighted my brow bone with Phloof! I wore Blitz and Glitz fluidline on my upper and lower lashline and Phloof! on my lower lashline and Plushlash mascara. I wore Trace Gold blush on my cheeks with Shimpagne MSF (LE). I wore Plink! lipstick and Starlet Kiss (LE) lipglass.

Subsitutes - Rose Blanc: Nylon, Relaxing: Retrospeck, Shimpagne: New View, Starlet Kiss: Wonderstruck





Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This has been such a busy week. I started my third year last Thursday. Working two jobs already had me tired, but now I'm really missing my sleep!

Old Navy had the huge denim sale on Saturday, so I had to work all weekend to get the store ready for that and to recover it on Sunday.

I like my classes for the most part. It's definitely going to be a lot of work, but I feel like I'm really going to learn stuff this semester that I will use in my classroom. I'm taking South Carolina History (which I love,) a Geography class, an English class, a class on teaching Geography, a class on teaching English, and then another Education class on Tuesday nights.

I've been looking at the days ahead on my calender, and it doesn't look like one of my long naps is anywhere in my near future. All I can envision is plenty of Diet Coke and Starbucks.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Subtle Pinks

Here's a really simple look I did for class today. I wanted to some color (I'm so tired of neutrals!) but still keep it natural looking.

I filled in my brows with Ardell Brow Definer in Taupe. I used Bare Study paint pot on my lid and crease as a base. I used Phloof! eyeshadow on my lid, Trophy Pink (LE) eyeshadow on my crease, and Nylon eyeshadow on my brow bone. I wore Dame blush on my cheeks, Pervette lipstick, and Flusterose Lustreglass on my lips.





Friday, August 22, 2008

Old Navy One-Day Denim Sale

Saturday, August 23, Old Navy is having a HUGE sale on denim! All adult jeans will be $12 (regular price is 29.50) and all kids jeans will be $7 (regular 19.50.) This is the lowest price of the season and you will not see them any lower.

There is a limit of three pair per customer, but we can do multiple transactions so that you can get more than three.

We will also do price adjustments if you have bought denim less than 14 days ago.

So, if you need to stock up on any jeans, hit up Old Navy tomorrow!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Looks: Neutral Yellows and Browns


Here is a look I did today for the first day of class. I had three classes today:

South Carolina History 9:30-10:45
Introduction to Physical Geography 11:00-12:15
African-American Literature 2-3:15

The classes themselves weren't bad, but I was exhausted. I didn't sleep well last night (I think just knowing I had to go made me not be able to fall asleep) and the South Carolina heat totally drained me. Thankfully, my makeup stayed in place.

I used UDPP and Bare Study paint pot all over my eyes as a base. I filled in my brows with Ardell Brow Definer Powder in Taupe. I used Creme Royale (LE) on my lid, Honey Lust on my crease, and Phloof! above my crease and on my brow bone. I lined my lower waterline with Graphblack technakohl and my lower lash line with Creme Royale (LE) eyeshadow. I had on AVON Daring Definition Mousse Mascara in Black. I wore Gleeful Mineralize Blush (LE) and Fuchsia Fix tinted lip conditioner.