Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This has been such a busy week. I started my third year last Thursday. Working two jobs already had me tired, but now I'm really missing my sleep!

Old Navy had the huge denim sale on Saturday, so I had to work all weekend to get the store ready for that and to recover it on Sunday.

I like my classes for the most part. It's definitely going to be a lot of work, but I feel like I'm really going to learn stuff this semester that I will use in my classroom. I'm taking South Carolina History (which I love,) a Geography class, an English class, a class on teaching Geography, a class on teaching English, and then another Education class on Tuesday nights.

I've been looking at the days ahead on my calender, and it doesn't look like one of my long naps is anywhere in my near future. All I can envision is plenty of Diet Coke and Starbucks.


Tammy M said...

Wow! Major schedule! I do not miss school at all...but I am sure you will still take time to come up with all your fabulous looks!!!

Kristen Elisabeth said...


You're telling me! I'm trying to still do looks, but it seems like if I don't plan it out in advance, I will just stare in the mirror and not think of anything!