Sunday, August 10, 2008

Clothes I Really Want

When I was at work last week, we got our new stuff for August in. Old Navy's July collection really just wasn't me, and I didn't get anything from it. But fortunately for me, and unfortunately for my checking account, August is really making up for it. The August collection is very preppy and has lots of pinks and greens-- two of my favorite colors to wear. So, I've been on the Old Navy website all weekend looking at things I want to pick up at some point this month. Our discount is actually better if we get stuff before it goes on sale, plus you have a better chance at finding your size and not having to track something down. Here are some things that I have my mind on...

Women's Fitted Polo

Isn't this adorable? This is right up my alley, and only 15 dollars (before my discount.) So cute.

Women's Tiered Pleated Tunic

I really love this too. There is also one in hot pink (which is actually cuter), but everything in my wardrobe is black, white, or pink. Haha. So I'm going to branch out and go for the green.

Women's Voile Roll-Up Shirt

I actually bought the hot pink one the other day and wore it today to church. It's really comfortable and cute on. I'm probably going to get the light pink one and maybe even a plain white one if I see one in my size on clearance in a few weeks. The shirt is really lightweight which is perfect for our miserable South Carolina weather.

Women's Striped Boyfriend Cardigan

I'm not sure I'm completely sold on this one, it's a little pricey at $26.50 for a short sleeve sweater, but it might be really cute. I'll decide when I try it on. I don't even think my store has these yet, so we'll see.

Women's Rib-Knit Cardigan

I think these cardigans are so cute and really versatile. Plus, you can't beat 17.50! It comes in a lot of colors, but I'm going to get the black one. I used to have one and I wore it all the time. I actually don't even know what happened to it, but I'm excited to get another one, especially with the cute pockets.

And now for my favorite thing...

Women's Argyle Ruffle Neck Cardigan

I really love this sweater. They have a pink one too, but I think if I get the pink polo I won't need it. I love this sweater and especially love the little ruffles on the neck. It's definitely way too hot to wear this right now (or in the next few months for that matter) but I want to go ahead and grab it before it gets sold out.

I'm sure you'll be seeing me wearing some of these in upcoming pictures!

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